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   Allan Benoit  The Blind Poet


Allan has been compared to the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Shawn Mullins and John Prine.

A very smooth, soulful, smokey voice that is all his own.

Fans all agree Allan's emotions are on his sleeve when he sings his songs ... Allan's songs are relavant today as when he wrote them, making no difference whether he wrote the song yesterday or thirty years ago

His music has no gender or age barrier. Young and older folks everywhere love an Allan Benoit song.

Allan  is no stranger to music.  He started out at the tender age of 13 in a band called "The Jamiesons", playing for anyone who would listen, most times for free.  The first paying gig was at a local coffee house called the "Fish" for 15 bucks, split 5 ways.

After a few years of spending more money to play than making money, Allan decided to try his hand at songwriting.  The first few tries he came up short and just gave up trying to write. Then one day the phone rang and it was a school mate of his who asked if he would like to play bass for the band, and Allan grabbed the offer and ran.

Allan's second band was called "The Session", a band that was paid to play for every gig they played.

WOW!!, Allan found his pot of gold.  That band stayed togeather for 4 years with Allan lovin every money making minute of it.  "The Session" broke up with Allan having no place to go.

Once again fate came calling in a big way. He was asked to join a band called "The American Know How".

Allan wrote what he refers to as his first real song in 1970 ... a little ditie called "Monday Morning Blues".  That song would later be recorded for his debut album "Tall Tales-Full Sails"

Monday Morning Blues went on to become one of Allan's most downloaded songs, right behind "Cajun Wife" and "Motorcycle Mama".

Terry Aziere and Allan in the studio

Allan's songs have been played and covered by artists such as ...Terry Aziere, Resonator Ghost, Jet Brennon and many other artist around the world.

Allan takes pride in his works, from a two and a half minute song to fourteen minute songs, each one is his baby and he enjoys watching them grow.

Allan is of arcadion decent and draws on that for some of his songs and stories.  My family history is a sad one but i try not to dwell on it to much, Allan says, besides every tribe has its own stories.



Allan's first CD was "Tall Tales-Full Sails".  It was recorded in 1999 -2000 at Styles Studio on beautiful Long Island N.H. and was the first of two recorded in this wonderful studio.  Allan recorded his second CD in 2000 - 2001.  It was titled "Postcards From the Big Lake"

In 2005, Allan started recording at "Big Smile Studio", also in New Hampshire.  He recorded his third CD "Cloud Dreamer" and started working on songs for a forth.  In 2008 Allan released his latest work "Throwback Heart".


Allan has had a long battle with failing eye sight which has included many surgeries over the past four years; however, this is not the end of the road ... just another speed bump in life.

Some have compared Allan with Turlough Carolan, the blind Irish Harpist who traveled the country side composing music for various patrons of the Arts.  Just like Carolan, Allan has his tour along the country side in the works.  With a new album scheduled for tenative release Summer / Fall 2009, our poet is going to hit-the-road and spread his music to patrons near and far.

Please pay a visit to Allan at his MySpace page and checkout some of his previous work on CD Baby, ITunes or other places where good music is sold.

Allan is all over the web and can be found jamming away just about everywhere.